Adoptive Parents

Our current adoptive families have at least one professional member. They come from various fields including: Medical, Engineering, Law, Education, Entertainment, Professional Sports, Business, Government and Law Enforcement. Many couples have an "at home mom" or an "at home dad".

As a Prospective Adoptive Parent, the qualities that you should look for when selecting an Adoption Agency is
Cost, Competency and Character – The Three C’s of Adoption.


The initial fees are:

Application Fee is $ 450 (nonrefundable).

The Domestic Home Study Fee is $ 1,880 (nonrefundable).

International Home Study Fee is $ 2,000 (nonrefundable).

Rainbow of Love Adoption Agency charges the same fee for everyone regardless of income, race, religion or marital status. The fee will include all associated cost except the cost of finalization of the adoption. The fees are payable at different increments during the process with the final payment due when the child is placed. If an Adoptive parent is selected and the birthmother changes her mind, there will be no additional fee (until placement) for the 2nd birthmother match. If the placement does not occur after the 2nd birthparent match, the adoptive parent will be placed on a list for “hospital calls” and “completed relinquishments”. We are committed to having a child placed with you without major financial loss and will match you up to 3 times. The program fee vary depending on the type of child the adoptive parent is seeking to adopt. Children from the state Foster Care Program are also available for adoption at no addition cost.

Prospective Adoptive Parents can request an information packet which explains the programs and cost.


Rainbow of Love Adoption Agency has been licensed for over 12 years and we focus only on Domestic ADOPTION. ROLAA is not a Children’s Center, Social Service Center, Foster Care Agency or a Charity with an Adoption program; ROLAA is a Child Placing Agency for ADOPTION.
We can assist you with any of your Adoptions questions and concerns. We work with families and birthmothers nationwide. Contact us for an information packet.


Rainbow of Love Adoption Agency is an agency with INTEGRITY – MORAL SOUNDNESS. We have never nor will we ever present a family with a non existence birth mother for financial gain. ROLAA is committed to sharing what medical and background information that we know about a child with the adoptive parents. We also expect the same openness and integrity from our adoptive parents and birthparents.

ROLAA accepts adoptive parents from the state of Texas as well as Nationwide. Adoptive Parents must be between the ages of 25 and 55 and can be of any race, religion or culture. Couples must be married for at least 2 years and single applicants must have a local support system. A thorough home study and background check will be conducted. Out of state applicants must have an approved home study conducted by a licensed Child Placing Agency in their home state.

Texas Alliance For Child And Family Services

Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce

Department of Family and Protective Services