Birth Parents

Unplanned Pregnancy or struggling to parent a young child?

Every mother, father or couple have a unique situation.
BELOW are eight examples of Adoption Situations that we have worked with in the past:

15 years old and her boyfriend who discovered that she is pregnant. They looked at all of the options and felt that placing the child into adoption is the best decision. They selected closed (confidential) adoption and wanted to get on with their young lives to be regular high school students and eventually go to College.

40 year old married woman who became pregnant by another man during a brief separation from her husband. She and her husband (legal father) both decided that adoption is best for this baby.- They chose closed (confidential) adoption

27 year old woman with a history of drugs and alcohol abuse. She stopped using drugs and smoking after she found out she was 5 months pregnant. The baby tested positive for marijuana at birth and CPS was called. The mother had an adoption plan, so the CPS report was closed and the baby went home with the adoptive parents that the mother selected.- She chose semi-open adoption.

21 year old college student, pregnancy was unplanned. She placed her first child into adoption as a teenager and felt that this child will fare better in adoption because she is not yet at a stage in her life where she is emotionally or financially ready to take care of a child. Her goal is to have a degree and be married when she becomes a parent. She selected open adoption.

45 year old woman, who discovered that she was pregnant and she does not want to parent a baby at this time. She is single and her other 2 children are in college. She wanted to place the baby and get on with her life. She chose closed adoption.

35 year old who was just released from jail and is getting her life back on track when she discovered that she is pregnant. The baby father is nowhere to be found and she could not afford to care for a baby. She chose semi open adoption and wanted to meet the family, but decided on no contact after the child was placed.

32 year old woman who was alone with her 4 year old daughter. She had no family or support system and wanted a better life for her child. She selected semi-open adoption and selected and met with the adoptive family. They have ongoing communication via letters and pictures.

30 year old mother of two who was in a domestically violent situation. She felt that adoption was the best choice for this baby and for her and her children to get a fresh start. She chose semi-open adoption and selected and met with the family. She is doing well and is happy with her choice.

Rainbow of Love Adoption Agency understand that your situation is unique, our desire is to understand what you are going through and assist you with the right adoption plan. Our hope is that your experience will be one of learning, growth, giving, and perhaps a positive fresh start.

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